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Faith@Home – Holy Week and Easter resource


As part of our resources to support learning and growing together as a Christian family, we would like to offer you this activity booklet which includes: reading the Bible, prayer ideas and more creative activities.  We hope you can spend some time together, observing Holy Week and celebrating Easter.  All the details of Easter services can be found on the Parish website:

Maybe you could start a table or tray of items to help you think about the events of Holy Week?  Each day there is an idea for something to add from the activity suggested, but feel free to add as much or as little as you like.






Palm Sunday – Mark 11: 1-11

Palm Sunday is the day when we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem.  If you collected a palm cross at church on Palm Sunday, place it on your table/tray.

Celebrate and discuss Palm Sunday with this simple craft of handmade palm leaves.  All it takes is green paper (or
white paper coloured in!), tape, a stick and a little hand tracing fun.  The palm branches were a symbol of victory and celebration.  Wave your creation in the air or maybe act out the story together before adding it to your table / tray.  Some questions to help your discussion: Would you have joined in with the crowd?  How would you have felt if you had been there with Jesus?  How do we recognise Jesus in the world today?

Dear Jesus, help us to journey with you and draw closer to you this Holy Week.  Amen.


Monday – Mark 11: 15-19 

When Jesus came to the temple during the yearly Passover celebration, he was outraged that temple leaders were allowing merchants to do their business in the parts of the temple that were supposed to be used for special worship of God.  They were more worried about making money from selling animals to sacrifice than about worshiping God.  Jesus loved his Father and he knew that what was being done was wrong.  He turned over the tables and scattered the coins.  Jesus stood up for what was right.

How many different coins can you find to rub?  Add your rubbings or the coins to your table/tray.

The money changers were distracting people from worshipping God.  As a family, talk about what distracts you from going to church, reading your Bible or praying.  What could you do to help each other not to be distracted?

Dear Jesus, thank you for the opportunities we have to worship you.  We are sorry for when we have been distracted.  Please help us to put you first in our lives.  Amen.


Tuesday – Mark 14: 1-11

The woman in today’s story showed her great love for Jesus.  After you have read the story, talk together about the ways we can show our love to Jesus.  How can we show Jesus’ love to other people?  Do we know how much Jesus loves us?

Draw some heart shapes, cut them out and add them to your table/tray to show God’s love for us and our love for him.

Dear Jesus, thank you for your great love for us.  Help us to show our love for you each day.  Amen.


Wednesday – Mark 14: 12-50

There is a lot of story for tomorrow, so we’ve started it today!

Jesus went into the garden to pray.  Why not go together into the garden during today to pray for each other and for the world?  Pick some flowers, leaves, grass or stones to add to your table / tray to represent the garden.  Maybe you could make a small garden in a bowl?

Dear Jesus, help us to pray each day for the world, those in need and for people to know you more and more.  Amen.

It would be a great if you could decorate the egg on the back page of the download so it is ready to bring to church on Easter Day.  Make it as bright and colourful as you can!


Maundy Thursday – Mark 14: 53-72

Maundy Thursday is the day before Good Friday.  On this day, we remember the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples.  ‘Maundy’ comes from a Latin word which means a command, and it refers to Jesus’ command that he gave at the Last Supper, that we must love one another as he loves us.

Include some bread and red juice (or grapes) as part of your main meal on Maundy Thursday.  Talk about the Last Supper, the last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples.  Why is it such a special meal?  How can we include Jesus in our special occasions?

Maybe you could take turns to wash each other’s feet?  How many other ways can you think to serve each other in your family?  How might you be able to serve people in your community or at church?

Add a towel and some bread / grapes to your table / tray.

Dear Jesus, as we eat bread and drink juice we remember you.  Thank you for meeting with us.  Help us to serve each other.  Amen.


Good Friday – Mark 15: 1-39

Come to St John’s Church at 10.30 am for the all-age service and enjoy hot cross buns afterwards.  Together we will remember the time when Jesus suffered on the cross.  It is a time to pray, and to remember that Jesus loved us so much he was willing to die for us.  Make a cross (from twigs, nails or paper) and add it with a candle to your table / tray.



Fizzy forgiveness prayers

You will need a jug / bowl of water and some effervescent vitamin tablets (break these into bits).  Encourage the children to think of something they have done that they need forgiveness for.  Jesus died on the cross so we can be forgiven and have a friendship with God.  Hold the bit of tablet and think of whatever you did that was wrong.  As you drop it into the water say sorry to God and ask for forgiveness.  As the tablet fizzes, know that Jesus takes away the wrong things and makes everything clean and new once more as if nothing was ever wrong.

As you look at the liquid, ask God to help you to live as Jesus shows us.


Holy Saturday – Mark 15: 40-47

New beginnings are a beautiful part of Spring and a wonderful reminder of God’s grace.  As we wait between Good Friday and the celebration of Easter Day, here is an activity to explain Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection in a simple way.  You will need a packet of jelly beans!  Pick out the colours and read the poem.  Enjoy eating the jelly beans!  Maybe you could add a bowl of jelly beans to your table / tray?

Talk together about how the disciples would have been feeling.  They did not know about what was to happen on Easter Day.  How do we feel when we are waiting?  Jesus was about to change the disciples’ life completely.  How would you like Jesus to change your life?

Dear Jesus, thank you for the freedom that comes from knowing you.  Amen.


Easter Sunday – Mark 16:1-20

Come to church to celebrate the risen Jesus.  After the 9.15 am service at St Mary’s and the 10.30 am at St John’s, there will be an Easter egg hunt!

Why not pop into St Mary’s Church after school this week to see the Easter garden?  You can see the one in St John’s on a Sunday morning.

Make an edible tomb.

You will need:

Rich tea biscuits

Butter cream

Jam and cream biscuits

Green colouring

Icing sprinkles or similar

Mini eggs


Mix some green colouring into the butter cream.  Then cover a rich tea biscuit in green butter cream (for grass).  Next, place a jam and cream biscuit (with one side cut off) at the back of the grass for the tomb and a mini egg in front of the tomb for the stone.  Finally, decorate the grass with sprinkles (for flowers).

Make a paper cross, and add decorations such as paper flowers and leaves until it is completely covered and filled with life.  Add this to your table/tray.

Dear Jesus, thank you for the gift of new life this Easter.  Amen.


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