Regular givers are encouraged to give via the Parish Giving Scheme by Direct Debit.

The direct debit scheme is run by Guildford Diocese on behalf of the Parish, so all of the administration is done centrally, saving a considerable amount of time for our local volunteers. It is also cheaper and much easier to administer than payment via weekly envelopes. The scheme also offers the option for your payments to be increased every year in line with inflation, which ensures that our income can rise in line with our spending year by year.


We would like to encourage:

  • those who currently give via Standing Order to change to the new Direct Debit giving via the Parish Giving Scheme
  • Those who give only when they come to church to consider joining the Parish Giving Scheme
  • Those who didn’t know there was another way, other than putting cash into the collection to also consider joining the Parish Giving Scheme


We encourage all Church members to become partners in the vision and work of God’s Church in Walton-on-Thames by considering how much they give in time and talents as well as financially to the Church.


Get Involved 2016-17 Giving Form



For further information about the Parish Giving Scheme take a look at their website.