Prayer is vital to our life as a church, it’s at the heart of all that we do.  It’s the main way in which we express our dependence on God, seek His guidance, and ask for His blessing on all that we do in His name.  Prayer is prominent in our services and is an important part of all our small groups.

Each Monday and Thursday morning we have a prayer meeting at St Mary’s in the Church, Tuesday mornings at St John’s and every Saturday at St John’s in St John’s room.  At these times we gather together to read the Bible pray for our church, our local community and the wider world.

Weekday Prayer

Monday and Thursday @ St Mary’s


Tuesdays @ St John’s


For more information contact

Rev Cathy and Rev Jonny Blair –

Rev Caroline Merrick –

Saturday Prayer

9.15-10.00am @ St John’s

Croissants and coffee followed by a time of prayer.

To learn more contact Linda Muggleton or Tessa Badcock via the office.