The Servant Course is adapted from the Willow Creek Network Course. It sets out to explore something about the way God has made you – we look at what interests you, how God has gifted you, how you prefer to work, your personality and your passions – It will help you to identify how best you can serve God and yourself in tune with the way God made you in order that you be fulfilled and effective in all areas of your life.


Jonny and Cathy Blair have run the Servant Course several times.

“This course is a journey of discovery about the way God made us, combining Spiritual gifts as well as our personality and passions. We encourage you to come on the course as others have found it immensely helpful. But don’t take our word for it…” Comments from people on previous courses:


Excellent.   Affirming.   It confirmed what I thought.   I have never done anything like this before.

Life changing.    I loved it!    Releasing.


The number of places are limited, so we invite you to register as soon as possible to ensure you get a place. If you would like to find out more, please speak to Cathy, Jonny, Berenice or Sally.


A small fee of £10.00 which includes course materials and an evening meal on Friday is payable on the Friday evening – please advise of any dietary requirements.



13/14 October

10/11 November

I had heard many good reports on the Servant Course since it was introduced in Walton.  Parish.  The time seemed right for me recently to sign up.  I was very touched by the way the leaders worked together and the ease with which they worked as a team to deliver this course. It consists of an introduction to the course contents on the Friday evening, including a relaxed supper, followed by a day of exploration on the Saturday.


Although I had some awareness of what my God-given spiritual gifts might be the course confirmed this.  The ‘Personal Style’ part of the course was one of the most interesting parts of the day for me not just in terms of confirming my own personal style but also to get to know the personal style of the other participants on the course.  I do feel that this knowledge as a church aids communication and understanding.


There is a lot to ponder on after the course and the book that accompanies the course is a very helpful resource.


I believe we are fortunate as a parish to have the course running for us and would recommend it if you haven’t already done it and are thinking it might be for you.


On returning home from something like this it usually takes me a long time to wind down but I felt at peace.  I was struck by how cherished I felt – it’s because of the authentic love that was present through the Holy Spirit.


May 2017

I found the Servant Course to be refreshingly honest, very interesting, numerous & very to the point. It was good getting to know the other people on the group.


June 2017

I found the course to be enlightening and inspiring as well as learning how many Spiritual Gifts that are mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments.
This, along with the discussions with the other members on the course, helped me affirm what gifts I have and, therefore, how best I could use them to support the work of the parish.
The great thing was that amongst us there was a wide range of gifts which re-enforced St. Paul’s teaching that we are the ‘Body of Christ’ each having a part to play to help deliver God’s mission in our parish.
Oct 2016