To get involved all you need to do is to decorate one (or more!) windows in your house, flat or workplace, the bigger and brighter the better so people can see your fantastic displays. All you need to do is choose which part of the Christmas story you would like to do, sign up and get designing your window!


To give everyone the best chance of seeing your window we would encourage you to put your display up and leave it up throughout advent.



SIGN UP HERE, choose which day you would like and we’ll send you a pack with the story, a number to display with your decorations and some instructions.



Access the map via the link below to find out where all the windows are so that you can plan your route, maybe even walk around and visit them all. Lets share the hope we have in Jesus and light up Walton with the Christmas story.





Choose your day!

1  An angel tells the old priest Zechariah and Elizabeth they are going to have a baby called John

2  Baby John is born who will grow up to prepare the way for Jesus and baptise people in the river Jordan

3  An angel appears to Mary telling her she will have a baby who will be God’s son

4  Joseph is very shocked to hear that his fiancée Mary is having God’s baby

5  God tells Joseph in a dream not to worry, but to marry Mary and look after her

6  A new star appears in the sky to signal that a baby king has been born

7  Astrologers or wise men see the new star in the sky

8  The wise men pack up gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the baby king

9  The wise men saddle their camels and travel to find the baby king following the star

10  The big king of Rome – Caesar Augustus, commands all families to go back to their family town so they can be counted

11  Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem to be counted by the Romans

12  Joseph and Mary find that all the places to stay in Bethlehem are full up

13  A kind innkeeper in Bethlehem gives Mary and Joseph a stable to stay in

14  Mary and Joseph settle down in a stable full of animals and wait for their baby to be born a star is over the stable

15  The wise men arrive in Israel, and visit the nasty King Herod who tells them the baby king will be born in Bethlehem

16  The wise men follow the star to Bethlehem to find the baby king

17  Some shepherds are looking after their sheep on a hillside outside Bethlehem

18  An angel appears to the shepherds and tells them that a baby has been born who is God’s son

19  The angel tells the shepherds that Jesus will bring peace to everyone in the world

20  A whole multitude of angels appear praising God for the good news about Jesus being born

21  The shepherds run to Bethlehem to find the baby who is the son of God

22  The shepherds arrive at the stable to worship the baby who is the son of God

23  The wise men guided by the star, arrive at the stable to greet the baby king

24  All the churches in Walton will be displaying the final part of this amazing story!