All Souls Memorial Service – Sunday 1st November

All Souls Memorial Service – Remembering with Thanksgiving


Due to Covid-19 the numbers allowed in the church are restricted to allow us to ensure a safe and manageable environment. Therefore we will hold 2 services one at 4.30 pm and a second at 6.30 pm.

There will be strict guidelines to keep us all safe, such as booking your place, keeping distance, no singing and no books. 

If you are coming as a couple or a small family or ‘bubble’ group you must sign up each person individually then please make a note on the sign up form.




The Service. The service may be a little different to recent years. We will play music for prayer and reflection (no singing). There will be no toilets available.

Booking.  We have a limit of 46 people that we can fit in so we would ask that you book, priority will be given to those who book in advance.

Compliance.  We ask that you bear with us, as we navigate these uncertain times and do our best to make the service as safe as possible.

If you are vulnerable.  We recommend that if you are vulnerable then you stay at home as we wait for the virus to subside. We will be happy to send you a copy of the order of service if you would like.