New Vision Launch Sunday 14th Jan

Vision Launch!

What a great way to start the new year by launching the new Vision on Sunday 14th Jan in all services, with Sundays 21st and 28th also devoted to communicating our Vision. Just as we have all contributed to this Vision, we will all be able to take steps to turn vision into action.


It’s also a great opportunity to celebrate who we are as a church and God’s direction for us. Hence there will be a Lunch Party on Sunday 4th February 12.30pm for everyone in St Mary’s hall.

We’re asking each Congregation to contribute something to the feast! Details about tickets to follow.

St Mary’s 8am and St John’s 9am – laying tables and table decorations;
St John’s 10.30am – puddings;
St Mary’s 11am – roast dinner and hot dogs;
St Mary’s 9.15am – entertainment;

Both Sunday schools and Messy church – room decoration.
Saintly volunteers sign up sheet for tidy up
and wash-up!

For a taster of the vision see Jonny and Cathy’s Christmas message.