What is Youth Alpha?


Looking for answers?


Our Youth & Student Alpha courses are an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening way over ten thought-provoking sessions. It’s low key, friendly and fun. You get to ask any questions you want and chat through the issues in a place where your views are respected.

You’re not on your own either. More than 13 million people around the world have done the Alpha course in churches, homes, schools, youth groups, universities and prisons.


So why not come check it out?

What will happen?

For Youth Alpha we kick off with some games and a short talk followed by small groups where you can ask all the questions you can think of and maybe the ones you’ve never dared ask before! Then we have lots of food (burgers / hot dogs / pizza – that sort of thing). Student Alpha is similar except it starts with food and then goes on to games, a video and small groups.


Who is it for?

Anyone 11-18 years old. Basically, if you’re interested in getting some of life’s big questions sorted, and want to work out what you believe for yourself, then come along. Maybe you really don’t get it and wonder why anyone would? Or maybe you do believe but you’re not sure about something? Then Youth & Student Alpha is for YOU!


What will it cost?

The course itself won’t cost you a penny, although you may be asked to make a small donation for the food and weekend or day away.


If you’d like to find out more contact John Muggleton, Jonny or Cathy Blair.