Children at St Mary’s & St John’s


We have a variety of services on a Sunday all of which would welcome everyone of any age however for children and families we’d invite you to join us at either the 10 or the 4 both of which are set up to involve children in different ways. The 10 is more suitable for the younger children whilst the 4 is great for those of primary school age. The youth are encouraged to stay in church with the adults.


To find out more, get involved or if you are new to our Church and want to join us please email [email protected]

The 10 | St Mary’s

The 10 o’clock service has a mixture of hymns and worship songs with accessible teaching for all ages. There is no separate children’s teaching at this service everyone stays in together in the church. Holy Communion will be offered at this service on 1st and 3rd Sunday each month.

The 4 | St John’s

The 4 is an informal weekly service with separate teaching for the adults and children. The children’s teaching is aimed at the primary school age group. When available, a small band will play. The service starts with tea, refreshments and chat. An informal Holy Communion will be offered on the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month.