ChurchSuite enables us to organize and manage all our valuable contact information; children’s age groups, members and groups, bookings, rotas, events and attendance, donations, and more. As we continue to configure our system, ChurchSuite will simplify our administration, management and communication to our members.


Most importantly, ChurchSuite is an amazing tool which allows us to simply and effectively communicate with our church family through My Churchsuite, and allows all of our church family members access to:

My Details: update and manage all your personal and children’s details

My Calendar & Events: view and sign up for Church events

My Rotas: View rotas, add your unavailability, make swaps and receive reminders.

My Giving: Make donations online

Sermons & Talks: Access all our online sermons


Below you will find some simple instructions to make the most out of your access to My ChurchSuite.

Over time we will be adding to the FAQ’s below. If you have a question please do get in touch with the office and we’ll do our best to answer!

If you have already set up your MyChurchSuite account you can log in here. If you require any help, please check the FAQ’s below. If you still require help then please get in touch with the office who are more than willing to advise.

If you haven’t already received an email inviting you to set up a My ChurchSuite account and you would like one then please follow this link and fill out a request form. We will then send you an email with a link.

General FAQ’s

Help, I don’t have access to a computer!

If you or someone you know does not have regular access to a computer, tablet or smartphone, please contact the church office. We will endeavor to help you access any information you need, or put you in touch with someone else in the church who can.


How to log into My ChurchSuite

1. You will receive an email invitation to join My ChurchSuite. This will arrive at the email address you have provided to the Church previously.


2. The email invitation will look like this:


3. Follow the instructions on the email by clicking on the link and creating a password.

4. You will need your email address and this password next time you want to login to My ChurchSuite. If you lose your password please contact the Church office and we will reset it for you.

5. Once you have created a password you can either download the ChurchSuite app on your phone or iPad, or you can access it from your web browser (see below)

How to log in to My ChurchSuite via the internet

It’s possible to access ChurchSuite from either:

  • A web browser on a computer/tablet/smart phone
  • The ChurchSuite App on a Smart phone/tablet (see below How to get the ChurchSuite App on my phone or tablet)


1. First launch your usual web browser

2. Open  (you might like to save this link in your favourites, alternatively you’ll find a direct link on our HOME page)

3. Our ChurchSuite name is “Walton Parish” so type “Walton” in the screen below to find our church



4. Select our church when it appears as below



5. Enter your username and password when prompted



How to get the ChurchSuite App on my phone or tablet

It’s possible to access ChurchSuite from either:

  • A web browser on a computer/tablet/smart phone (see above How to log into MyChurchSuite via the internet)
  • The ChurchSuite App on a Smart phone/tablet


  1. Download the free app
  2. Follow the instructions as detailed in ‘How to log in to My ChurchSuite via the internet’

Once you have downloaded the app to your phone or tablet, all you need to do to login is enter:

  1. Your username – This is the email address you registered with
  2. Your password – This is the password you created


How to change my personal details

1. Select My Details from the list on the left hand side of the screen

2.  You will see 4 headings: Details, Login, Privacy, Communication

3. To edit your details select the Details heading

4. Click Save when you have made your changes



How to upload a photo to my personal profile


1. From the My Details page click the camera icon at the top of the page above your name and personal details

2. Click on ‘Choose a file’ and select your image from your computer

3. Click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom, to save that image to your profile.


It’s really helpful if people have photos because it will help all of us to put names to faces!



How to recover my password

If you cannot remember your password either contact the office OR click on “Forgotten Password?” on the login screen.

How to change your password

1. To change your password click on the Login heading

2. When you enter a new password it must meet all the criteria listed. When all criteria are green then the new password can be saved.


How to change what personal details other church members can view


1. To manage what details other people can see, select Privacy



2. You can then decide which of your following details you would like to make visible to the rest of the church community, by checking the box next to it.


3. Click on ‘Save Changes’ to save your new privacy settings.

How to change my communication preferences


1. To change how you prefer to be communicated with, select Communication

2. Select your communication preferences by clicking on the boxes on the left.  If you are part of a ministry, please ensure that “Receive rota reminder emails” is selected, otherwise you will not receive an email reminder during the week before you are due to serve on a rota.

Please note: SMS is a text message, and is not currently enabled within our system.

3. Click Save


How to cancel my account

In some cases you may wish to have your My ChurchSuite account closed – perhaps you’ve left the church and/or moved, or perhaps for any other reason you want to be removed from our church membership database.

If you would like to cancel your ChurchSuite account please email the Office who will be able to assist you at [email protected]

How is my privacy protected

Firstly, we care about people’s privacy and data security. We take our responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) seriously.

Secondly, we have put in place certain controls such as:

  1. Only people who have been invited can log into My ChurchSuite

  2. Only Walton Parish members can see contact details for other members

Thirdly, you have control over who can see what. You have the option to not show your address, email, landline and mobile number. Given that a key aim of My ChurchSuite is to help the church family connect with each other, we encourage all My ChurchSuite users to make their settings as open as they are comfortable with.  You can view our full privacy notice here.

How to see upcoming events and to book a place

When you log into ChurchSuite you’ll see the next 3 Featured Events. These are the current events going on. Click on an event to see further details and to register, if registration is required.

To see all the events, click in the Menu, click on “My Calendar & Events” and you will see a calendar with all events and meetings coming up. Scroll through the calendar to see future events.  From here you will also be able to book onto events that require you to register.


How to find other rota members:

As with the previous rota system, if you can no longer serve on a given date please try to find someone to replace you or swap with you.  You can do this by contacting everyone on the rota or you can email/phone individuals.  All rota members can be searched for and should be found by Selecting ‘Search for others’ from the menu on the left of MyChurchSuite.


To email all members of the rota:

1. Select the rota you wish to email, and then select ‘Email’ from the top right hand side


2. This will open an email box which allows you to write your email requesting help. Even though you cannot see all of the email addresses, this email will send to ALL rota members when you click send.

3. Create your message and Send the email.  Please select ‘Send replies just to me’ to prevent everyone on the list receiving all the replies!


To Amend the Rota to reflect a Swap:

It is important to amend the rota to show the swap that has been arranged.

1. To do this, go to the relevant date within the correct rota, and select the little button with 3 dots to the right of your name as shown.  Select ‘Organise Swap’



2. Select the person you are going to swap with:



3. There is the opportunity to accept a return swap or not by selecting either ‘No Return Swap’ or the date offered.



4. Click ‘Save Changes’ to complete the swap. The rota is now amended and all Rota members will be able to view the amendments.

How to add your unavailability for future dates for all Rotas

By adding the dates that you are unavailable to serve to MyChurchSuite the rota system will automatically flag that you are not available to serve when the next rotas are created.

1. From the menu on the left of My ChurchSuite, click on ‘Rotas’

2. On the right hand side of the screen Select ‘Unavailability’ as shown below



3. This will open the box shown below which will allow you to add a period of unavailability or just a single date.



4. Select the relevant dates and click ‘Save Changes’. Your unavailable dates will be shown at the top of your Rota page.

5. To delete a date (i.e. if you add one in error) select ‘Delete’ to the right of the date listed as shown below.