What is Givt?

You may have noticed a small few people getting their mobile phones out as the collection bag is being passed around or perhaps you’ve noticed (at both St Mary’s and St John’s) inside the collection bags an electronic tag (a beacon)?



Well, over the couple of years we have been using a brand-new way of giving and those of us who have used it have been really impressed.

This method of giving is not designed to replace anything else it is just another easy, alternative that you might use on days when you have no cash in your pocket or perhaps you want to give something extra on top of your regular giving. Or it might be how you choose to manage your regular weekly giving.

So how does it work and what do you need to do?


It works using a smartphone.  So, you will need a smartphone with Bluetooth turned on.  Also, ideally with mobile internet, however if you have limited or no data it’s not a problem as everything will upload when you are connected to the Wi-Fi or your connection is stronger.


You will need to download the Givt app to your phone, search “Givt – Ready to give” or click on the link below.

Click or tap on the button to download it!

Here you will find the Givt app link in the App Store:

Click or tap on the button to download it!

Here you will find the Givt app link in Google Play:

Once the app is downloaded it is very simple to set up and use. Your phone communicates with the beacon via Bluetooth (not your internet data).

Having downloaded the app and decided on the amount you are going to give, click next. There are 4 options offered – use the top option, “Collection Bag”. Then tap the collection bag with the beacon in it, and, hopefully, that will be that.  You have given!

THE IMPORTANT BIT – In a short while, you will receive a request through the app to complete a Bank Direct Debit Instruction. This will need your name, address, bank details etc.  This is because the app takes your money by Direct Debit (DD).  Do not worry: it will only ask for the money that you have chosen to give by the app – but it will collect it as a DD.  It is not going to ask you for any regular giving! If they see an unusually large amount or a duplicate amount they will contact you to confirm that it was done intentionally and not in error. This additional info is only required once – in future weeks, you will only have to open the app, tap in the amount you want to give and touch the offertory bag with the beacon in it with your phone. We have found that the beacons are sensitive from quite a distance so you may find it is activated before the collection actually reaches you.

There is a useful help section on the app, look for the ‘?’ in the top right of the screen. You can also find out more on their website.  They are a Dutch company but fortunately for us you’ll find everything you need to know in English! And they are very keen for feedback so they can make your giving experience as simple and easy as possible so get in touch if you have any comments.


Look out for the people with their phones out during the offertory and if you are stuck don’t hesitate to ask them! Just don’t forget to put your phone away after you’ve given…


Once you have the app you can in fact give from anywhere, you just select our church from the list. This allows people to give whenever, wherever! At the moment you cannot add gift aid however we are expecting this to become possible in the very near future.


We really like Givt because it is anonymous, secure and quick. You don’t require an internet connection, and most importantly it preserves the feeling of giving as opposed to other electronic set ups which feel more like paying.