Who comes to St Mary’s and St Johns?
Walton Parish has a very mixed congregation, coming together from a variety of backgrounds and traditions. It spans all the generations and has specific ministries for children and youth.


What happens at your services?
While each of our services has its own unique style, most of our services tend to include the following:
• At the traditional service we sing mainly traditional hymns led by the choir and organ and at the contemporary service we sing songs led by the worship band
• The traditional services follow a set pattern and the contemporary services tend to be more flexible
• We have a time of prayer
• We hear the Bible read to us
• The Bible passage is explained to us in a talk – generally around 20 minutes, but shorter for services where children are present for the whole time
• We have communion every week at St Mary’s 8am and 11am services and once a month at the 9.15am service. At St John’s communion is on the third Sunday of each month at 10.30am.


Are all the services the same?
No, each of our services are different in style but they all follow the same teachings. You can find out more here about the different we offer.

How long are the Sunday services?
St Mary’s 
8am 40mins      

9.15am – 1hr 
11am – 1hr 15mins
7.00pm – 1hr 15mins

St John’s

9am – 40mins

10.30am – 1hr 15mins


What time should I arrive?
Whilst our hope is that you will be able to attend an entire service, we understand that this isn’t always possible, and you can join a service at any point. If you need to take children into Sunday School before coming into church, it’s good to factor this in. Coffee is served at both churches. At St Mary’s coffee is at 10.30am (between the 9.15 & 11.00) therefore we do invite those attending the 11.00am to arrive early to allow time to enjoy a cuppa and the chance to catch up with friends.


Will I be asked to do anything during a service?
No. Whilst we encourage the congregation to play an active role in our services, we want St Mary’s and St John’s to be as safe and as unthreatening a place as possible, so you will never be asked to do anything you do not want to do. Once you feel settled in the church you may want to be involved during the services.


Can I bring my children to church?
Yes of course!

We’re a family church and children are a very important part of church life. We make specific provision for children at the 9.15am and 11.00am services at St Mary’s and the 10.30am at St John’s. There is also Sunday school available at each of these services. Each church also has an All-Age service once a month. You can find out more about what we have on offer for children and young people in the Parish here.


Is Church just for a Sunday?

In short no. We have lots going on throughout the week across the Parish. Take a look at our Alpha page and our home group page. We also have regular prayer meetings and a variety for activities for children and young people.


Is there any parking?
At St John’s you can park in the street right outside. St Mary’s is in the centre of Walton where parking can be more difficult. There is street parking on some surrounding roads however this is quite limited. The car park off Manor Road behind the flats (opposite the St Mary’s) is free on a Sunday.


Do you have provision for the deaf, hard of hearing or partially sighted?
An induction loop system has been installed in each church. Please use the ‘T’ setting on your hearing aid. At St Mary’s you need to sit in the centre of the church. The church hall at St Mary’s is also fitted with an induction loop.
Large print versions of our orders of service, readings and the Parish Diary our weekly newsletter are also available in both churches.


Is there access for wheelchairs users and babies’ buggies?
St John’s is fully accessible to both wheelchairs and buggies. There are disabled toilet facilities with baby changing available. At St Mary’s there are disabled toilet facilities available in the hall. Buggies can be left at the back of the church round to the right as you enter. 


Are the church halls available for children’s parties or other activities?
Yes, you can hire the hall at St Mary’s and the hall or room at St John’s for parties and other functions. We also have a number of regular bookings at both churches. Email waltonparishhallbooking@gmail.com for more information.