Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Baptism at St Mary’s and St John’s.


To book into Baptism Matters please check the calendar and sign up via your chosen date.

Christenings and Thanksgivings

At St. Mary’s and St. John’s, we look forward to sharing your joy with you as you celebrate the birth of your Child.  A Christening Service or a Service of Thanksgiving for the birth of your child is a wonderful start to your child’s life and can help you as you begin the amazing journey of bringing up your Child in this challenging world by putting God at the centre of your hope for your child and your family ‘s life.



For parents who do not wish to make the Baptism promises on behalf of their child at this stage but still want to come to Church to thank God for the gift of their child, a Service of Thanksgiving is available. The steps to follow are the same as for Christening; please follow steps 1 and 2 below for Christenings. Thanksgiving services will be discussed as part of the preparation evenings.



At your child’s Christening, they will be baptised. To prepare for this wonderful event, we ask families to attend Church twice either on Zoom or as part of the congregation meeting at St Mary’s or St John’s on Sunday morning before attending Baptism Matters on Zoom, following which a date for baptism can be booked. Please see the step by step approach below.


The Church sees Baptism as a very important day in someone’s life, whatever age they are. Key aspects of someone’s Baptism include following Jesus and joining the Church family this is why we ask families to come to a couple of services to see what their local Church is like, before coming to Baptism Matters on Zoom, when we can discuss matters of Church, faith and the Baptism service.  It is also helpful for the Church to have an opportunity to hear how you find Church, its services and welcome.


As you read the steps below, please note:

  1. You need to attend Church twice beforeyou come to Baptism Matters on Zoom

  2. Once you have been to Church at least twice, you can sign up to attend via your chosen date on the calendar.


Step 1

We invite your family to join us for 2 Sunday services at either St Mary’s or St John’s. See here for service details.


Step 2

We invite both parents (and also Godparents if possible) to come to ‘Baptism Matters’ on Zoom.

Each Baptism Matters course will last up to an hour and a half and  we will look at the importance of Baptism to families, to the Church and to God. The option of a Service of Thanksgiving will also be discussed.

One of the joys of meeting on Zoom is you don’t need to book a babysitter and both parents can attend.


Step 3

Book the date for your child’s baptism at the Church office by emailing


Dates for ‘Baptism Matters’ Evenings

The dates for the preparation evenings very rarely change. However, it is always advisable to check the calendar or contact the Church office before you come to ensure there are no changes.


Following the easing of Lockdown we ask that family members coming to a Baptism service to follow the guide lines regarding the wearing of face coverings, using hand gel and maintaining 2m distance.



Baptism Services

These are held as follows:


St. John’s Church

1st Sunday of the Month

12.00 Baptism Service only (1 family with up to 30 guests)


St. Mary’s Church

4th Sunday of the month

3.00 pm Baptism service only (1 family with up to 30 guests)

4.00pm Baptism service only (1 family with up to 30 guests)



Adult Baptism

For people who have not already been baptised, we offer the opportunity to be baptised as a believer.  If desired, this will be by total immersion.

These baptisms are great events in the life of the Church and are the cause of much joy and celebration.

Most people who have a believer’s baptism will have done an Alpha course recently and be regular members of the Church.

Contact Jonny Blair or Caroline Merrick for more information.

Email or

You can find out all you need to know about choosing, planning and going to a baptism on the Church of England Christening website including an excellent guide for Godparents.