What is Alpha?

Alpha is aimed at people who want to take some time to think & talk about the meaning of life along with other interested people.


Our Alpha courses are usually held at St John’s however the Autumn 2020 groups will both run online. There will be 2 groups – Tuesday evening at 8.15 pm and Wednesday evening also at 8.15 pm.


Alpha is open to anyone, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not.


Alpha is an 11 week course that helps people explore the essentials of the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening and friendly atmosphere. The course starts with a video by Nicky Gumbel and then small groups where there is an opportunity to discuss the issues raised in the talk. The Autumn 2020 course will all be online.


Alpha is a worldwide phenomenon – since 1992 it’s spread to more than 160 countries – with over 60,000 Alpha courses running across all the main Christian denominations – Anglican, Baptist, Free Church, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army and United Reformed. Over 20 million guests have been on an Alpha course – and it’s been translated into 112 languages.


You can also visit the Alpha course website for more information.

Who is Alpha for?

The Alpha course is for: anyone wanting to investigate Christianity for themselves, newcomers to the church, new Christians and those who want to look again at the foundations of their faith.


How could you be involved?

– If you’re interested, you could do the course yourself

– If you’ve done Alpha you could invite a friend, family member or work colleague – use the information & invitations on the website.

– You could volunteer to help on the Task Force – preparing meals, setting out, welcoming, serving, washing up, packing away – all the essential tasks that help an evening to run smoothly.

– You could pray – prayer is vital to the success of Alpha. Please pray for all aspects of the course and for all those involved, guests, helpers, or organisers.

Alpha stories


Testimonials from people who’ve done Alpha in Walton.

Short talks from people who’ve done Alpha in Walton, recorded at various Alpha Launches across the years and the 10 & 15 years of Alpha event.

After Alpha…  A Life Worth Living


What is A Life Worth Living?


Strong friendships are often forged in the small groups on an Alpha course and sometimes the groups are keen to keep meeting in a small group setting and study the Bible.


The course is aimed specifically at those who are just starting out in the Christian life and explains how it is possible to live the Christian life positively, practically and joyfully. The course is based on the book of Philippians and runs for about nine weeks; talks are listed below. The format of the evening is similar to Alpha, except that there is no meal at the beginning. Each week those doing the course will watch a video by Nicky Gumbel and then discuss the issues raised.


Each week the course covers a different topic and the videos are available here.