God’s heartbeat. Reflecting God’s love for the lost. Generous.

A blessing. A joy. A pleasure. A challenge. An honour. Our duty.


These are just some of the different responses people may express to the Parish giving 10% of its general income to organisations, local, national and international to help them financially with their mission and ministry.  This we have done for many years.


It is a wonderful privilege to be able to actively contribute to what God is doing in the world and to share in the joy of what the organisations we support are achieving in Christ’s name.


Tithing, giving 10% of the donations we receive, also reflects the challenge for us all to give generously to God. Giving 10% of all that we earn is a Biblical guideline for followers of Jesus to live out.


True giving to God is an act of free generosity, involves sacrifice, is an expression of thankfulness, and is a response to God’s grace (from Psalm 54:6-7).


Our Mission Partners.