For queries and to check availability email or call 07517048908

St. Mary’s


9am – 6pm

£17 per hour

6pm – 11pm

£20 per hour


£27 per hour




St. John’s



9am – 6pm

£12 per hour

£17 per hour

6pm – 11pm

£14 per hour

£20 per hour


£17 per hour

£27 per hour**


**Please note if St John’s Church is booked for a party then it is a condition of the booking that the Room is reserved at the same time. Under this arrangement a discounted price of £35 per hour will be applied.



The hall is approx 7.5m x 15m and has a maximum capacity of 150 people.

There are approximately 80 chairs.

10 small tables that seat 4 people and 9 large ones that seat 6.

7 childrens tables and approximately 35 chairs.

The kitchen space allows only for use of the kettle, microwave and oven. If any plates, utensils etc are needed then these need to be brought by the hirer.



For more information and to check availability email   OR   tel: 07517048908



The Church is approx 15m x 7m and has a maximum capacity of 100 people.

There are approximately 90 chairs.


St John’s Room is approx 10m x5m and can be partitioned off to create 2 spaces of apporx 5m x 5m.

There are 35 chairs.


The kitchen space allows only for use of the kettle, microwave and oven. If any plates, utensils etc are needed then these need to be brought by the hirer.

There are 8 small tables that seat 4-6 people and 4 large ones that seat 6-8 people.

7 children’s/low tables but only 7 small chairs. The tables can be used in both the church and the room.


Bouncy castles are permitted in the Church but not the Room and must be no more than 2.5m in height.


There are also grassed lawn area’s both in front and behind the church. The garden area does not have a security gate.




For more information and to check availability email

Terms and Conditions of Hiring St Mary’s Church Hall and/or St John’s Church or Room Walton-on-Thames


Letting Policy

It is the policy of St Mary’s and St John’s to encourage the use of its facilities, by a wide variety of members of the local community. Both regular and one-off bookings are welcome although, as the buildings are part of a centre for Christian worship, lettings will only be made to organisations whose aims and values are not contrary to the spiritual mission of the church. We would particularly like to draw your attention to the housekeeping section below.

Church Precedence

The Church Hall/Room is primarily for the use of the Church whose requirements take precedence over any other user. Bookings by any other user may be cancelled at the absolute discretion of the Hall Booking Manager to allow Church use of Hall/Room. The Hall Booking Manager may cancel such a booking only where it is reasonable to do so, and only after giving adequate notice of intention to the user of no less than one month.

Making Bookings

Organisations and individuals must complete a booking form and return it to the Hall Booking Manager, with the full fee before a booking is confirmed. The Hirer, as identified on the booking form, must ensure these conditions are drawn to the attention of their guests, and are complied with.


Charges are set out on a Schedule of Charges. All charges are subject to the discretion of the PCC.


If a booking is cancelled with notice of 30 days and over, a full refund will be given. Notice of 10-29 days, a 50% refund will be given and notice of 9 days and under no refund will be given.

Times of Bookings

Bookings are for specific time periods and the times on the booking form must be adhered to. Bookings must end by 12.00 midnight unless agreed in writing on the booking form by the Hall Booking Manager.


The hirer shall indemnify St Mary’s/St John’s against any damages, liabilities, costs or losses arising out of any misuse of the Hall/Room. It is the duty of the Hirer to decide what constitutes adequate insurance for their use of the Hall/Room and to arrange insurance, notably if using 3rd party entertainers or equipment.


Users must NOT advertise their use of the Hall or sell tickets at the door without prior written permission from the Hall Booking Manager.

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

You are required to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected at all times by taking reasonable steps to prevent the occurrence of any injury, loss, damage or harm. The Diocese of Guildford provide safeguarding guidelines for all users where children up to 18 years old make use of the Hall. You can find these either at or there are links on the safeguarding page. You also agree to comply with current national legislation and the relevant National Governing Body guidelines in respect of children and vulnerable adults.

Access, Health

All exits, especially Fire Exits and Fire escape routes, MUST BE KEPT CLEAR OF OBSTRUCTIONS at all times. Any obstruction will be removed without notice. The Entrance Hall is an escape route and must be kept clear of obstructions. Access to the Church Offices must be kept clear at all times. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the Hall, including the Entrance Hall and toilets. The red fire extinguisher contains water and must not be used on electrical equipment. The black fire extinguishers and blue fire extinguishers may be used on electrical or kitchen fires. Anyone noticing any problems regarding the extinguishers, please advise the Hall Booking Manager without delay. The maximum capacity of the Church Hall is 150, St John’s Church 100 and St John’s Room 30 guests and these figures must not be exceeded.

Licences & Permissions

No alcohol is to be sold on the premises. Alcoholic drinks may be consumed if written permission has been obtained from the Hall Booking Manager at the time of booking. Users must obtain all necessary licences and permission including statutory and/or local authority licences applicable to their use of the Hall. Long term users must consult the Hall Booking Manager about their use of music.


Hirers must NOT sub-let the Hall or any part of the Hall.

Users’ Equipment

Users must not leave their equipment or belongings in the Hall/Room unless written permission has been obtained from the Hall Booking Manager and the equipment is labelled with the name of the user. St Mary’s/St John’s accept no responsibility for any equipment or belongings left in the Hall/Room even if they had permission to leave it there. Users must make arrangements for adequate Insurance to cover anything left in the Hall/Room. Property left in the Hall/Room without official permission may be removed and disposed of without notice. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that any electrical equipment that they bring into the Hall/Room for their use has undergone an annual electrical safety check and is safe to use.

Hall Keys

Occasionally, users are issued with keys. These are for the exclusive use of the person to whom they were issued; further distribution or duplication is forbidden. Any instance of theft or damage from/to the premises attributable to noncompliance with this condition will render the original key-holder liable to prosecution


Users must remove all rubbish and remnants from the Hall/Room and its environs after use and take away for disposal. Premises must be left clean and tidy; users must sweep up after use and mop where necessary. Tables must be wiped clean if used. Cleaning supplies are stored in the tall kitchen cupboard in St Mary’s Hall and the gents’ toilet and under the sink beside the ladies’ toilet at St John’s. Damage to the Hall/Room or its equipment must be reported to the Hall Booking Manager and paid for. Users must supply their own materials, including tea towels and black rubbish sacks. Users must ensure all lights are turned off and all outside doors are closed and locked.


A cash deposit of £100 is required to be left with the Hall Booking Manager when keys are collected. This is to cover any costs, such as cleaners if the hall has not been left as stated above. A full deposit will be returned if the hall is left as required and will be via arrangement with the Hall Booking Manager.



Terms and Conditions of Hire & Booking Form