Caring for God’s Acre & Churches Count on Nature

Saturday 11th June 2022 – St Mary’s Churchyard


An Information table will be manned throughout the afternoon.

Prior to the event we carried out checks of the environment to ensure any obvious hazards are removed.



– Please have regard for your safety when using stepped and paved areas; when walking through grassy or woody areas being mindful of hidden gravestones and potholes, low branches, and uneven ground.

– The yew trees are poisonous – signage will show you where they are in case you are not familiar.

– We advise that you wear comfortable footwear and long trousers if you’e walking through the long grass areas.

– The area is exposed in some areas so don’t forget your sunhat and water.

– We ask that children are age appropriately supervised and that anyone with a visual or physical disability are escorted to ensure their safety.


You are welcome in the Churchyard at any time however all exploration in and around the churchyard is at your own risk.


Recording What You See…

– Bring a camera or use your phone.

– You may have fun with a magnifying glass or bug box.

– Feel free to bring a picnic and your friends.

– You might also like to download these free apps 

to help aid flower identification – search iNaturalist

to identify bird song and calls – search Smart Bird ID (Europe)


We also have a wildflower treasure hunt and quiz!


Whilst churchyards and burial grounds can be a haven for wildlife, and we are excited about exploring ours at St Mary’s we must please be respectful of this sensitive and special place.