Sunday 19 November is Get Involved Sunday!

Get Involved Letter from the Vicar’s


There are lots of ways to serve as a family or individual. If you are volunteering for something new or continuing what you are already doing, we want to know!


You can either fill out both your SERVING and your GIVING forms online

Get Involved 2017-18 Serving form ONLINE

Get Involved 2017-18 Giving form ONLINE




You can download, print and fill out the forms which you’ll find below – please then return them to church by November 19th.

Get Involved 2017-18 Serving Form DOWNLOAD

Get Involved 2017-18 Giving Form DOWNLOAD


You can also email us – volunteer@waltonparish.org.uk  if you think you’d like a change or a break from what you’ve been doing because that’s OK too. We recognise that some people have been doing some jobs for many years and whilst we are very thankful to have people doing certain things we also want people to do the things they enjoy and that bring them pleasure.


Check out all the different things below to find out more.


Not sure what you might like to do or how best you can use your skills and gifts? Then why not take a look at the Servant Course, its an excellent way to learn more about yourself, the things you love and how you can do the right things in serving God and yourself, in church, at home and at work.