We encourage all Church members to become partners in the vision and work of God’s Church in Walton-on-Thames by considering how much they give in time and talents as well as financially to the Church.


Financial Giving


We believe that regular financial giving is a good spiritual discipline that the Lord wants all of us to develop and that God wants us to be generous with what we have.  The challenge to motivate ourselves to give may be significant, but God is faithful and, as we give to God and His Church, we will grow in faith and trust.

The parishioners of St Mary’s and St. John’s are responsible for the running of the mission and ministry of the Church. We receive no money from the Church of England central funds or from the Diocese of Guildford.


There is a separate charitable Trust that helps with the running costs and bills of the two Church buildings, which is a fantastic help. This means that, along with a little property income from hiring out our buildings, all of our giving goes to finance the mission and ministry of the Church; clergy and staff costs, outreach, ministry expenses, training etc.


Even taking into account the great help from the Charitable trust, the vast majority of our annual income is given by Church members.


Why we Give 

There are many passages in Scripture that teach about giving.  In one, 2 Corinthians 9: 6-15, we discover 10 reasons to give generously to God


  1. Giving is the best investment you can make
    Like the harvest, giving is planting seed. The farmer will reap far more than what was sown (v.6). This applies to everything in life. What you give to the Lord, He multiplies – your time, gifts, ambitions and money.
  2. Giving should be fun
    Giving should be voluntary and cheerful ‘for God loves a cheerful giver’ (v.7). Generosity leads to happiness.
  3. Giving takes away the burden of financial worry
    (v.8) Giving does not mean handing over financial responsibility to God; but it does mean handing over the worry and the burden of it.
  4. Giving ‘enriches’ you
    When God invites you to give, he is appealing to your reason as well as your emotions: Materially, you will have enough to give away generously your character will be enriched and God will be praised (v.10 & 11)
  5. Giving transforms your character
    Giving purges the character from the constricting grip of materialism that destroys lives (v.10b).
  6. Giving inspires others
    ‘… your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God…’ (vv.11b–13a).
  7. Giving meets people’s needs
    Generous giving blesses other people and supplies the needs of God’s people (v.12).
  8. Giving is evidence of real faith
    Generous giving is an act of obedience, which should accompany ‘your confession of the gospel of Christ’ (v.13). Giving is an act of trust in God.
  9. Giving makes you a stakeholderin the church
    In the same way as when you share a flat or apartment and you share in the bills, as you share in the needs of the Church community you reap the benefits of that community (v.13b).


Giving of Time and Talents

We believe that the Church is the Body of Christ, equipped by God with many different skills and gifts to use for His purpose and to His glory.  Therefore, we encourage all Church members to discern their gifts and put them to good use to develop themselves personally and to build up the Church.


To help people discover more about themselves, their passions and gifts, we run a course called the Servant Course.  This is proving a very popular and helpful course.  If you are interested in attending the Servant Course, please contact the Church office.


If you want to know more about Opportunities to serve at Church, please contact one of the Clergy or Churchwardens or take a look on our ‘Join a Team’ page.