Givt – A new way of Giving

What is Givt?


You may have noticed a small few people getting their mobile phones out as the collection bag is being passed around or perhaps you’ve noticed (at both St Mary’s and St John’s) inside the collection bags an electronic tag (a beacon)?


Well, over the last couple of months we have been trialing a brand-new way of giving and those of us who have used it have been really impressed.


This method of giving is not designed to replace anything else it is just another easy, alternative that you might use on days when you have no cash in your pocket or perhaps you want to give something extra on top of your regular giving. Or it might be how you choose to manage your regular weekly giving.


So how does it work and what do you need to do?


It works using a smartphone.  So, you will need a smartphone with Bluetooth turned on.  Also, ideally with mobile internet, however if you have limited or no data it’s not a problem as everything will upload when you are connected to the Wi-Fi or your connection is stronger.


You will need to download the Givt app to your phone, find out more including full instructions here.