Join a Life group…


Our Life Groups are a hugely important aspect of Church life, providing friendship and support, discussion, bible teaching, pastoral care and encouragement.

Have you ever made a nice hot cup of tea and then got involved in something and gone back to it later only to find it is now stone cold? Sadly, it didn’t stay hot. Our faith is a bit like that: we need to constantly keep it heated up, so we can stay close to God. The Bible’s advice is that burning coals need to stay in the fire to keep hot, if they are taken off the fire, they soon burn out.


We can liken life to a journey: we do need to keep going forwards – taking on board new challenges and prayer adventures with God to keep our faith alive and vibrant. And it’s so much easier to travel with other people. If we don’t plug ourselves in to a worshipping community (church) and have a smaller group of people we trust with whom we can talk about real matters of life and with whom we can pray then the tea goes cold.


Life group – what is it? Some people to do life with as a Christian – to laugh with, cry, with pray with. Friendships we make with Christians are so much deeper and more meaningful that friendships with others because Jesus is the third person in that friendship offering wisdom, comfort and purpose in our lives. Regularly reading the Bible and chatting with a group of trusted friends helps us all to grow in faith. 

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Many of our Life Groups have continued to meet over Zoom, WhatsApp and socially distant meet upswhich have become the norm and have provided many with the opportunity to build friendships and community, supporting and encouraging each other through the ups and downs of these strange times.