Small Groups


Our small groups are a hugely important aspect of Parish life, providing fellowship, discussion, biblical teaching, pastoral care and encouragement.

The primary focus of the groups is Bible study, discussion and prayer. Most people also treasure the friendship, encouragement and spiritual support they find in their group.


There are groups meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as well as several morning groups. Between them the groups are involved in a wide range of Bible studies and discussion topics so, if you were interested, you should be able to find a group to suit you.

There are three main ways that people join our Small Groups:

• By far the most common way is via our Alpha courses. This is ideal for people who have not been in a Small Group before. Alpha gives a systematic overview of the essentials of the Christian faith – including practical guidance about personal Bible reading & prayer and gentle, step-by-step introduction to group bible study & group prayer. The vast majority of Alpha groups go on to post-Alpha studies and quickly become new Small Groups.

• Some people know people who are members or leaders of an existing group – and they decide to join that group with people they know.

• Other people value a bit of personal advice and help in finding a group that is right for them. Often they have been Small Group members in their previous churches and need a group where the level of study will challenge them and help them grow in their faith.

If you would value some help in finding the right group contact John Muggleton.    01932 224244    07786 723818