@St Mary’s


Sunday school runs during both of our Sunday Services (term time only).


9.15am – Lively service with Contemporary Music


11.00am – Reflective service with Traditional Music 


On the first Sunday of the month we all meet in church for a Lively All Age Service at 9.15am. The 11.00am Sunday School meet every week. 


Everybody starts in the Church where we are like one big family of God. The children are then taken by their parents to the hall where they will have fun, learning and drinks with children of a similar age. There is also a creche facility. All parents must ensure their children are signed in before they return to church and signed out again when they collect them at the end of the service. If it’s a Communion Service the children will come back into church for the final part of the worship.

@St John’s


10.30am (term time only)

Sunday School at St John’s is for children aged 3-11yrs and meets together in one group. There are a variety of activities including drama, singing and crafts.

Sunday School is held in St John’s Room right beside the main Church. There’s always a friendly welcoming face nearby to help if you’re not sure where you’re going. St John’s isn’t so big so never fear, you won’t get lost!

The 2nd Sunday of each month we have an All-Age service in Church.

We have 5 different groups.


Crèche – Babies and toddlers up to 2.5yrs

Little Stars – 2.5 – 4yrs

Twinklers – Reception Year

Sparks – Y1 and Y2

Flames – Y3 – 6

We hope the following questions are helpful however if you think of anything not covered please do not hesitate to ask one of the leaders or helpers.


How long is Sunday School?

Approximately 1 hour but it depends on the length of the church service.


Do I have to stay with my child?

In our experience we find that children are just fine left to get on with it which is great as that leaves you free to worship and enjoy church. Some of the younger children might be unsure about being left to begin but with as with nursery and school once they get used to it, chances are they’ll be just fine. If for any reason your child doesn’t settle, the leaders will come and find you as after all you’re only a few steps away.


When do I collect my child?


St Mary’s

9.15am and 11.00am – Please collect and sign out your child from the hall during the final hymn of the service.


St John’s – The children will either come back into Church for the final part of the worship or you’ll find them in St John’s Room waiting for you.


How many children are in each group?

Our groups vary from 5 to 20 children in each. We follow the Diocesan advice which suggests an 8:1 ratio. Each group must have at least two leaders at all times.  If there are too many children in a group at St Mary’s, we will re distribute them accordingly dependent on age so they are still doing activities with children and leaders they know and that they will enjoy.


Who are the leaders?

We’re very lucky to have a wonderful team of volunteers headed up by Mandy our Children and Youth Minister. Some have been working in the Sunday School for many years and attend every week but most are parents of the current Sunday School children and are on a monthly rota.  All the leaders and helpers at St Mary’s are identifiable by their blue t-shirts. St John’s is much smaller however you can identify the leaders as they will be wearing lanyards.


How can I get involved?

We always need more helpers. It’s preferable that you help in a different group to the one your child is in if you attend St Mary’s – but you must decide that for yourself. If you would like to join our team just have a word with one of the leaders or helpers and they can introduce you to Mandy. Alternatively take a look here.


Is Sunday School on every week?

St Mary’s

We meet every Sunday during term time at 11.00am. At 9.15am we meet every week except for the 1st Sunday where we have an All-Age service in Church.


St John’s

We also meet every Sunday during term time except for the 2nd Sunday where we have an All-Age service in Church.


For exact dates you can check the calendar on the website.

There is no Sunday School on Easter Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.



What do the children do?

All the groups except Sparks follow the same syllabus which they study at the appropriate level.                                            Sparks use ‘Godly Play’ which has its own syllabus. Godly Play is based on the Montessori approach. Sparks is generally run each week by Carol and follows a set format, which includes a story, songs, prayers and time for creative expression; please do ask her for more details.



Do I have to pay for Sunday School?

No however we very much appreciate a small donation to help us cover the cost of stationary, art materials etc. You can find out more about Giving here or you can speak with Jonny, Cathy, a Church Warden or one of the staff team.


If you would like any further information don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mandy mandy@waltonparish.org.uk

Youth Fellowship

St Mary’s & St John’s Youth Fellowship meets in St Mary’s Hall every Sunday evening during term time between 8.00 – 10.00pm


They take part in a range of activities, games, guest leaders, trips plus evenings lead by the members themselves.


Youth Fellowship is for secondary school age children aged 12-18years. If you’re interested in seeing what goes on why don’t you come along and see or get in touch to find out more.


Contact Mandy Watts Children & Youth Minister