10 year Home Group celebration!

What a wonderful home group story and thank you so much Sylvia for sharing!


10th Anniversary

Our home group has just celebrated its 10th anniversary.  We celebrated in the traditional way of cake (with 10 candles) and Prosecco.  During the evening we enjoyed looking back on our activities and viewing some photos.

John Muggleton (who was instrumental in forming the group) thought that other people might like to hear an account of our 10 years.  So here we are:

We are a group originally formed after an Alpha Course so we started with the Searching Issues Course followed by A Life Worth Living.  We then went on to complete a variety of studies and activities.  The studies included 17 Scripture Union Life Builder Studies, Just 10 (which we did twice because we enjoyed it so much), a connect Bible Study on TV Soaps and a Multi-Sensory Bible Study with activities.  We also participated in several ‘whole church’ studies such as Lent courses.

We watched several Bible-based DVD’s and two films: The Way and Risen (during which we enjoyed a Roman Banquet).

As a group we also had a number of ‘outings’. These included trips to Wintershall for The Life of Christ and The Nativity, the Women’s Peace Conference at Woking, several quiet days, the Women’s World Day of Prayer, the Cornerstone Church when J. John was speaking and a theatre trip to see Joseph.  We have also had many celebration meals out! 

We have taken part in several Church activities including quiz nights, contributed to several Advent Fun Days and raised money for the Church through making craft items.

Each Christmas we club together to purchase items such as a goat or fresh drinking water through Oxfam.

The studies have provided us with better knowledge of the Bible and praying together has been meaningful and moving and we have been blessed to receive many positive answers to our prayers.  A big plus about the group is the Christian fellowship we all share.

I’m sure other groups have had an equally valuable and enjoyable time over the years.  It would be good to hear about them too….

Sylvia Green