Christian Passover Seder – Saturday 04.04.2020

Join us as we celebrate Passover together –

not as originally planned but over on Zoom…


Saturday 4th April

6.00 pm


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The Passover Seder is a feast that includes reading, drinking wine, telling stories, eating special foods, singing, and other traditions established by God’s people in the Old Testament and continued by Jewish people today to remember the great exodus when God delivered his people from slavery in Egypt.


What you will need:

Passover Seder Particpants Pack


You will need the following for your Seder plate:

  • A hard-boiled egg – burnt on a gas flame if you like

  • Some lettuce cut into pieces

  • Some parsley

  • Some horseradish sauce

  • Some “haroseth” this is a lovely compote of apples and dates and spices. But as a short cut I just used chutney and added some honey

  • A small dish of warm water with salt stirred into it

  • A lamb shank bone [or any bone. I use a chicken leg bone] with the meat taken off and baked in the oven for 20 minutes to make it dry

You will also need

  • a glass of red wine or purple squash for each person for the cup of blessing

  • a candle and matches

  • two serviettes or paper napkins

  • three Matzos or Cream cracker biscuits [or any plain biscuits]

  • a large bowl for washing hands and towel