Interview with Sarah Dunn – Home for Good Champion

Sarah is a Home for Good Champion and a member of our 9.15 congragtion she can usually be found singing with the worship group! Home for Good Champions work within their own churches to ensure that caring for vulnerable children is on the agenda. This looks different in every setting, but it can include using Home for Good resources to raise awareness, helping to facilitate support for families, ensuring children’s and youth leaders are equipped through Home for Good training, organising events, fundraising, or simply being available for people to talk to about caring for vulnerable children. Jonny spent some time with Sarah to find out more.



There is so much we can do to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. From giving to campaigning, praying to fundraising, hosting events to sharing resources, we can help transform our communities and ensure every child is welcomed and every family is supported. To find out more why not get in contact and we will put you in touch with Sarah. You can also read more on the Home for Good website


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