October – Be Inspired!

Oct 2016Switching on the TV in the midst of a cycle race, I watched the competitor flying around the velodrome and didn’t realise until the end that she did it with just one leg. Although I had been impressed by the achievements of the athletes while glued to the Olympics in Rio in August, the Paralympic games has evoked deep feelings of admiration and inspiration in me. What amazing determination those athletes have to reach higher heights and do the best they can with what they have. I feel at once humbled and inspired, asking the question, “What more could I be doing with what God has given me?”

Give thanks! The season of Harvest reminds us how many wonderful things God has given us: life and health and friendship and forgiveness for starters. Clean water, a warm home, food in the shops are things which we so often take for granted. I wonder how often we stop to thank God for these. Part of our worship is giving thanks to God for the abundance he has given us.

Come and worship! This term we are exploring more about the character of God in our services. In worship we respond to God’s generosity by giving ourselves wholeheartedly to him. What a privilege to worship him together! We are in the midst of a four-month Service trial at St Mary’s with the Lively service with contemporary music at 9.15am and the Reflective service with traditional music at 11am. We want to know what you think about the Worship Services we provide at St Mary’s and St John’s. Look out for Services Consultation in the form of a survey in late October.

Give generously! As a church we want to see God’s love makes a difference in our town of Walton. We also want to contribute to bigger needs in the world through Christian charities. We will be sending out information in October so that we can all consider our regular giving to God through the church in our time and money for 2017. Stewardship Sunday in November will be a celebration of what we already do and our pledges of time to serve and money to support the work of God for 2017. Look out for information about Stewardship Sunday.

Be inspired! Since we arrived at the parish it has been wonderful to hear the amazing things God is doing in people’s lives. A timid child who came to the Holiday club telling all the people in church on Sunday he had had so much fun; a lady who found peace in her life; another whose family situation improved through meeting with God. There are others who are discovering their God-given gifts and finding ways to serve God and his people with great joy! God is doing remarkable things in people’s lives. Look out for information about the Servant Course in November.

Well there’s a clear encouragement here to give thanks to God, to give him worship, to give generously to his work through the church, to find out your gifts and serve with joy. And that inspirational question, “What more could I be doing with what God has given me?” Above all, Be inspired!
Jonny and Cathy

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