Call to Prayer – February 2021

In response to reaching the terrible milestone of 100,000 deaths from COVID-19, the Archbishops once again invite each of us to call on God in Prayer. Together they have again written to the whole Church encouraging us to make February a month of prayer. Read their letter here.


We have a selection of resources available to give you some ideas including the Prayer Walk which we put together back in November.


There are many ways to pray and one of them is to pray while you walk. You can pray for what you see around you and those you meet. You can pray for your friends as you walk past their house for example. This is a suggested route around Walton. As you walk it, we encourage you to imagine you are taking the light of Christ from the Church around the town and back to your home. Lastly, we may have missed parts of life in Walton that are important to you, please accept our apologies and make this you own.



Follow our route with suggested prayers to prayed as you walk… DOWNLOAD GUIDE HERE – #PrayerForTheNation