VICARS’ BLOG – APRIL 2018 – Happy Easter, Thy Kingdom Come, Vision progress and Annual meeting.

Happy Easter, Thy Kingdom Come, Vision progress and Annual meeting.

So many reasons to be excited. The tomb is empty! This is the story of Easter Sunday. And a whole new beginning to  Jesus’ story. Jesus has risen to new life: he was dead and is now alive. This is the greatest event in the whole of history and the universe. Happy Easter! But what does it mean on a rainy Tuesday afternoon? And what is our story?
Over the weeks between Easter and Pentecost we will find out more about what
The implications are for us. New life in Jesus means: peace for a new community; wisdom, faith, forgiveness; power for transformation and following; believing, and bearing fruit and so much more. Do join us in church or listen to the sermons on the web-site.
We will be joining with the national “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer imitative from Ascension day to Pentecost and many of us will go to the Cathedral on 20th May as a culmination event.


Living the Vision
It’s an exciting time to be part of St Mary’s and St John’s because we not only have a vision, but we also have a strategy forming and a focus for the year ahead. Our vision encourages us all to take our next steps personally and as a church. We want to be people who are making a difference in lots of ways in Walton on Thames. At the PCC meeting on 21 March, we chose five areas of the vision to focus on for 2018. These are:
Taking our next steps towards shining God’s light – will have to wait for next year!
We will be sending these to the Diocese as our “Church development plan” for the year.
The PCC is the church’s leadership team and will be working out our strategy and action points as to how we will make progress in these areas during this year. Do you think you could make a contribution?
There will be spaces for new members of PCC – our leadership and trustee body who guide the way the church should be going. Please speak to Jonny, Cathy or a church warden to find out more. You don’t have to have been coming for very long, nor know everything. If you care about God’s kingdom and his people, do get nominated. We really want a cross section of people representing every area of the church. Voting happens at the annual meeting (APCM).

We are looking forward to the APCM on April 18th at 7.30pm at St John’s church when we hear about the key things God has been doing in every area of church life over the last year. See you there.

And by the way, what is your next step?

Yours, Jonny and Cathy