VICARS’ BLOG – November 2020 – Reality check November and Can-do Christmas!

In this season of Covid – 19 under the latest guidelines, how are we all doing? Is it time for a reality check? What are our struggles, and have we lifted them to God? It’s good to be honest with ourselves, rather than saying “there are other people worse off than me”. In a world which too easily brushes pain and loss under the carpet and stoically carries on, the Christian tradition offers expression of our grief through lament. In a safe place, grieving is a healthy thing to do and supporting one another is vital.


You may have joined the #waveoflight for Babyloss on 15th October. Everyone is welcome to the two All Souls services on Sunday 1st November. Booking is required and can be done via the website or by contacting the office. We can also pray and invite God to help us. It is amazing to have a God who really cares for us and will never let us down. Let us also share our hope in Jesus with those around us who will also be struggling, but without the comfort of knowing God’s love. We will also remember those lost in war joining for an online Remembrance service on Sunday 8th November.


What if??
This year we will all need a lift around Christmas time, but how can we celebrate in the usual way? What if we could re-imagine our worship this Christmas and still invite our friends and neighbours into the story… What if we could take Christmas out into the streets of Walton on Thames… What if each of us could display a bit of the story of Christmas in our front window or front garden… As we look towards Christmas we have an opportunity to share the best news ever. It may look different to our normal Christmas, rather, it will be a “Can do Christmas”!


The Advent Window Trail – will take the Christmas story all over Walton on Thames. We can all take part by creating a display of one part of the story in our front window or front garden. Each household will do one day in December, starting on 1st, until the story is completed on 24th December at the churches in Walton with the birth of Jesus, the baby king. Details about how to sign up and be a part of the Advent Window Trail will be up on the website and shared on social media in early November.


Generous October
If you missed the opportunity to submit your Get Involved forms on 1st November,
please drop off at the office in person or by email. The Giving Project will continue
into 2021. We encourage all to give generously to support the mission and ministry of
the church and partner with God at this challenging time.


Cathy and Jonny