WoT’s Going On… 21.03.2020

WoT’s Going On… Saturday 21.03.2020


Message from Jonny & Cathy:
Becoming the church in the community….
Things have been fast-moving this week and today schools are closing for the foreseeable future due to the Corona Virus, and pubs and clubs are now closed, too. Church services can no longer be held, but we are not closed! Prayer is more important than ever and many are turning back to prayer. Please be assured that God has not sent the Corona virus on the world. Rather, he loves us and has promised to be with us, whatever the circumstances. As your Vicars, we are praying for all of you in these uncertain times, mindful of those who are self-isolating and especially for those who are key-workers. Do keep us up to date with prayer needs.


Re-imagining church
A new way of being church is emerging which gives us amazing opportunities to be church in our community. For those who us who hope in Jesus Christ, and have been called to be his hands and feet, new opportunities are presenting themselves to care for one another and to serve the people in our neighbourhood, especially those who are most vulnerable #thechurchisnotthebuilding

If you know of anybody who may require support, or may be willing to offer support, please get them to complete a form or email the office.


We have set up three teams:

  1. Feed our faith Team. We are producing videos and podcasts of prayers, sermons, encouraging stories, available on the web-site. also on the web-site will be “Virtual Church services” including sermon and Holy Communion on Sunday, delivered by our ministry team. Helpful videos worth sharing should be sent to Rev Cathy Blair.

  2. Pastoral Teams.  We will have several Pastoral Teams, whose role will be to keep in regular contact (via phone call/ video call) with those that have completed our ‘request for help’ form.  The Pastoral Teams led by Rev Jonny Blair will then pass on any requests for practical support.

  3. Action Teams.  Are formed of volunteers offering to help, coordinated by Rev Alex Oehring, who will match them with requests for help including shopping, fetching prescriptions, dog walking, IT support etc. We will be working alongside the Foodbank to ensure the most vulnerable people in our neighbourhood have what they need. We will also coordinate with other groups as they seek to support their neighbours, rather than duplicate work.


Please do not stop giving to the church, as we embark on these new operations to support people in need in our community. Envelopes can be put in the letter box at the office or let us know and we will fetch them for you and Standing Order forms can be dropped off to your house if you require. The GIVT app still works.


This meeting is postponed, but the Parish Matters reports from the past year will be available soon.


Morning Prayer will be said Monday to Thursday in church. St Mary’s remains open for prayer from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm each day and one of us will be at St Mary’s at 8.00 am, 9.15 am and 11.00 am on Sunday and at 10.30 am at St John’s. Prayer is what will sustain us through these extraordinary times.


Here is a prayer from the Church of England.
Keep us, good Lord, under the shadow of your mercy.
Sustain and support the anxious; be with those who support the sick,
and lift up all who are brought low; that we might find comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen


Ultimately, we are people of hope because we are loved by a God of hope. As we re-imagine church, meeting remotely and active in caring for one another and the community, stay connected with God and one another, and please do encourage people to go to the website and sign up if they would like prayer, or need help or are willing to offer help.


God bless you,
Jonny and Cathy


Check out our social media channels to see some of the things we are doing to take church online. Last night Mandy did a brilliant job leading an online Club Rock and Rock Solid via our new kids and youth Facebook groups. Links to all our SoMe channels are below, you’ll also find the Vicars on Twitter @waltonvicars why not give them a follow!